About Us

Douglas R. Welch High School consists of students in grades 10-12.  Our school serves students that might have struggled in the past.  Our staff consists of four teachers that each teach a subject area..  When students are enrolled at Douglas R. Welch High School we make a success plan with the each student and family.  Student class sizes are reduced to allow for more on on one support.  In addition to extra supports we closely monitor student progress to help them stay on track.  This year we will also be partnering with Michigan Works to help students select careers they might be interested in after graduation.  We are excited for this partnership and believe it will serve as a great motivator for our students to receive their diploma in the spring.

For further information please contact Douglas R. Welch Principal, Ms. Arnswald at 616-527-3530 or jarnswald@ioniaschools.org.